About TASA

Telangana Association of South Africa (TASA) is a non-profit organisation formed officially. TASA is a Telugu charitable and cultural organization of the Telangana people. TASA extends a warm welcome to all Telugu speaking people to an open and inclusive platform where the focus will be on Telugu language, arts with primary vision of providing Charitable, Community, Cultural and Social services in South Africa and Telangana Region. TASA will strive to promote the Telangana culture and community services throughout the South Africa, and wish to contribute towards the development of 'Bangaru Telangana' as has been envisioned by the Telangana state founders. TASA organizes the community gathering to bring the Telangana people under the same roof to celebrate Telangana festivals and culture. We also organize community events, educational/cultural forums to bring people together and educate ourselves about problems faced by Telangana people for possible resolutions. TASA is also involved in organizing cultural and family events to help strengthen community bonds among Telangana people in South Africa. TASA will assist individuals and organizations that may want to take up developmental activities for charity in Telangana region.

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